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A tour of Rama Lake for sports and recreation lovers is also possible by bicycle, which is why cyclists are increasingly frequent visitors to our region. Bicycle routes that provide views of Rama Lake and other natural and cultural sights are:
1. Prozor – Makljen – Sajina – Draševo – Prozor (Makljen, forest Sajina, mountain range Draševo – view on Rama lake, macadam road downward to Jaklići)
2. Šćit – Draševo – Idovac – Varvara – Šćit – (Draševo – a view of Rama Lake, the Prodojnica forest, Idovačko lake – glacier lake, Idovac – the highest peak of the Raduša mountain, downhill to the mountain village Zahum)
3. Prozor – Here – Uzdol – Prozor
4. Prozor – Borovnica – Mluša – Prozor
The most attractive of all routes is the „Circle around Ramsko Lake“. Total lenght of the route is 58.1 km, and beginning is in the parking lot of the Rama Rowing Center in Šćit on the lake shore. While riding a bicycle 90% of ride you can enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape that dominantes Ramsko Lake, so we recommend this rute to all lovers of nature anf cycling. More information about bike paths is offered by the Ventus Cycling Club and the guide „Cycling through Rama“ wich can be found on the website of the Local Development Agency Prozor – Rama:


The area of the municipalilty of Prozor – Rama surrounds the mountains: Ljubuša, Raduša, Makljen, Studena planina, Bokševica, Čvrsnica i Vran. Arranged and marked hiking trails and active promotion of Rama’s mountains attract an increasing number of mountain bikers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and region. Information on all marked trails ( including names of mountains and peaks, altitude and coordinates, mountain and track distance, the time required to climb, a distance between mountains and tracks, distance from the inhabited place, etc.) can be found on the website of the hiking community:
The most famous marked hiking trails with a beautiful view of Ramsko Lake and the whole region are:
1. The trail of Rama’s veterans (Makljen – Draševo – Idovac)
2. The trail Gmići – Kozje rocks – Slimena – Debelo hill – Makljen
3. The trail Diva Grabovčeva (from village Maglice to cemetery Dive Grabovčeve)
4. The trail Fenix (from village Zahum to the highest peak of mountain Raduša – Idovac)
5. The trail from Kovačevo Polje to the highest peak of mountain Smojnik (Kamena dica)
6. The trail from village Kućani to Klečka rocks
7. The trail from Maglice to Pasja rocks
Climb to Idovac, the highest peak of the mountain Raduša is the most tempting clamb. Those who have been to Mount Raduša at least once will agree with the statement that if they visit it only once, they will surely return to it again. The trail begins in the mountain village of Zahum at the monument Diva Grabovčeva and named The trail Fenix. On this climb, during the spring – summer months, remnants of snow are visible, and the top of the mountain is inconceivable without the wind. In the immediate vicinity of the peak is Idovac Lake, a glacial which is a natural phenomenon given that it is located at the highest of this part of Europe ant that never dried up. During this ascent and descent there is a beautiful view of Rama Lake, Zahum, Ravašnica, and in the distance Ljubuša, Vran and Čvrsnica. This area was in a war zone, but the marked trail is safe.


Hot summer days and calm Ramsko lake make ideal conditions for swimming. Whether those are your first steps in swimming or you would like to make a serious swim training and adventure, you can find your beach in the following places: Ploča, Podbor, Šćit, Jaklići on the Ramsko Lake, and in Gračac and Ustirama on Jablaničko Lake.


With summer tourism Ramsko Lake is also great for sports fishing. All fishing areas are rich in fish and are regularly fish stocked. The access to the coast is ideal for fishermen who come not only from the are BiH but also from the entire region.

On Ramsko Lake are regularly organized fishinf competitions – local, national and international. „Ramske vode“ preforms water protection, takes care of the improvement of the fish stock, takes environmental protection measures, and through the Fish Guard service controls that recreational sports fishing takes place following prescribed regulations.


The favorable climate, calm Rama Lake, and the quiet surroundingd area an excellent place for rowing sport, that is way the Rama Rowing Club was founded. Rowing Centar Rama was established in 2013 as part of the project „Lake to Lake – Green Tourism“ (IPA cross – border cooperation of Republic of Croatia and B&H) and as such it is the only on the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina and the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These rowers are national team players of the state of the Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most prominent Croatian rowers prepared and trained: Martina and Valent Sinković, Damir Martin and the Australian Junior Team. Every year, on Lake Rama, it is traditionally organized by the Rowing Regatta „Lake to Lake“, in which rowers from BiH and rowers from Croatia compete.


Kayaking is an ideal activity for exploring the more inaccessible parts of the coast. So on the calm waters of Rama you can kayak to many islands, bays and springs alone or accompanied by frineds and family. Rama Rowing Club offers the possibility of renting a kayak with all the necessary equipment.

Saling on Rama Lake

For a complete and somewhat different experience of the beauties of the Rama region, there is a cruise on Rama Lake. During a boat ride, travelers can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the lake and the surroundings, and from a different perspective, they can experience the beauty of the Prozor – Rama region.

On this occasion, it is possible to visit the sources of the Rama River, the Dam Rama, a multiple islands, of which the most famous is peninsula Šćit.

Beach volleyball

Along the coast of Ramsko lake in the places Podbor, Ripci and Mluša there are beach volleyball courts. Some of them are part of the private catering facilities, and and some have been arranged by environmental and tourist associations. You can also try this summer sport on the court in Gračac, on the coast of Jablaničko Lake.


Fans of adrenaline rides can explore the many beauties and expanses of our municipality by riding motorcycles.

Mountains and forest roads away from everyday crowds and settlements offer a real adventure for all fans of this adrenaline sport