Culture Heritage of RAMA Region

Discover our rich Culture Heritage

Ethnographic Museum

Within the Franciscan monastery Rama – Šćit there is Ethnographic Museum. The museum is established in an old monastery, a unique building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the only such kind from the time of Ottoman Empire in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1857. It presents the history and the life of Rama inhabitants.

On the two floors, there are exhibitions of old craftsmanship, economy, one-time vehicle, housing culture. On the third floor, the textile industry- production process and products in use are presented. There is also a monastic cell- eoom of Priest Jeronim Vladić. At the fourth floor, there is vegetation with about one hundred most common plants of this area with their respective names and essential characteristics, as well as fauna.

Art Gallery Fr. Ljubo Lucić

The art gallery of the Franciscan monastery is named after one of the most prominent Franciscans of the second half of the 20th century in Bosna Srebrna, Fr. Ljubo Lucić. Inside gallery are works of art: Đure Sedera, Ivana Kožarića, Vlatka Blažanovića, Zlatka Kesera, Igora Rončevića, Ede Murtića, Josipa Biffela, Jagora Bučara, Matka Vekića, Mile Blaževića, Blaženke Salavarde, Matka Vekića, Miroslava Šuteja, Ive Dulčića.

There are many more works od art in the priest’s rooms and corridors of the monastery. Many works of art aren’t even on exposed. There is also a collection of naive artists who donated their paintings: Rabuzin, Večenaj, Melihek, Vujčec, and among them Ivan Lacković Croata stood out the most.