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Ramsko Lake is an artificial lake in the municipality of Prozor – Rama, in the northern Herzegovina. It was created in 1968 by building a dam on the river Rama and occupying an area of 15.5. km2. The largest lake length is 12 kilometers, the highest depth is about 95 meters, while water oscillations are up to 55 meters.

The lake is surrounded by the slopes of the mountains: Raduša, Makljen, Ljubuša and Vran. The water in the Rama lake comes from the source of the river Rama, Buk, Krupić and several smaller streams ans springs, in the spring from the surrounding mountains.

It attracts thousands of visitors every year who walking, swimming, sailing and other activities on this beautiful pearl. The lake and area around are perfect for sports-recreational, fishing and hunting tourism, rural tourism, eco-tourism and religious tourism.