Rich History of RAMA Region

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Franciscan monastery Šćit

The Franciscan monastery in Rama, on Šćit, was established by the Franciscans in the 15th century, before the arrival of the Turks, and is one of thirteen monasteries referred to in 1514 in a census of the Bosnian Franciscan Province.

The Monastery and the Church have been several times burnt and restored. The interior of the Church is decorated by the altar mural and the two paintings on the side walls, all dedicated to Our Lady.

For the monastery yard, it can be said that this is an „open gallery“ because there are placed various art sculptures: The cross of Rama, Rama’s Mother, Diva, The Last Supper, Raman Martyrs Medal and Memorial Board with names of all those killed in the last two wars. The committee for the preservation of national monuments proclaimed this cultural landscape, the area of a Franciscan monastery and the Church, the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Mosque in Lizoperci with maktab and harem

In the small village of Lizoperci located on the bank of Jablanica Lake, there is the architectural ensemble – the Mosque in Lizoperci with maktab and harem designated as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lizoperci is located on the Jablanica – Prozor, on the right bank of Jablanica Lake.

Inhabitants of the village claim that it was built in 1530 by Pozder bey. We dont’t have reliable data on the construction of this mosque. The mosque was rebuilt in 1925 with the wooden minaret replaced by a stone one. At the entrance, in front of the Mosque, there are also stećci tombstonses.

Diva's home in Zahum

The legenf of the Diva Grabovčeva is know between the Rama people. Catholic belivers have been going to her grave in Kedžara, in the middle of Vran Mountain, for three decades. The tomb is marked with a wooden cross and a large stećak. Kuzma Kovačić, the famous Croatian sculptor made a real size statue of Diva in 1998 and put the inscription on it: „Evil has eyes in the dark, but it goes blind in the light. Divi, a gift of light, Rama 1998“. In the yard of the Franciscan monastery there is a sculpture of Diva Grabovčeva.

In the mountain village of Zahum, which according to the tradition is the birthplace of Diva Grabovčeva was built a Diva’s home ( Divin dom ). The home is a replica of the old Rama’s house. In front of the house is a bronze statue of a girl with butterfly symbolizing childhood spontaneity, freedom, honesty, playfulness and harmony with nature, which is the work of sculptor Ilija Skočibušić. Numerous tourists visit this place, especially on the feast of Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker.