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Popular Destinations in Rama Area

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1. Šćit

Šćit is a populated place in the municipality Prozor-Rama at about 600 meters above sea level. The Franciscan Monastery and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary are located on this peninsula, along with the Ethnographic Museum, House of Peace and the Art Gallery of Fr. Ljubo Lucić, which makes it an ideal place for meditation and prayer.

The landscapes and scenes that can be seen in Šćit are unusual and don’t leave anyone uninterested. There is also a Rowing center Rama, unique in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is way religious, cultural and sports center of this area.

2. Lookout point "Umna Glava"

„Umna Glava“ is the most popular, and at the same time the most beautiful lookout point in Gornja Rama, more precisely in the mountain village of Zahum, alos known as „rumbočka planina“. This location offers rest for mind, soul and heart. The view of Ramsko Lake and Gornja Rama from this lookout point is magnificent and breathtaking. This place is a favorite among photographers who want to capute beautiful and unusual scenes.

3. Lookout point "Izlaz"

In the western part of the municipality, in the direction of Tomislavgrad, there is a lookout point „Izlaz“. There are no passers who don’t stop at this place, on the regional road R418 driving. Photographing at the Izlaz with the background of Ramsko Lake is infallible.

4. Ustirama - beach

On the shores of Jablanica Lake in the municipality of Prozor-Rama, in the village of Ustirama there is a 60 meters long beach. There is also a swimming jump for braver swimmers.

5. Hors farm "Jezero"

Hors farm „Jezero“ was founded in 2017 in Lizoperci, above the place where the river Rama once flowed into the Neretva. The goal of this farm is to breed and popularize bosnian mountain horses.

Farm farming is extensive, horses spend most of their time outdoors, on grasslands, and in the evening the horses return to the stable. The farms also has a beautiful canopy for resting as well as a riding area. The love of horses and the excitement are indescribable, and what the horse farm offers is just that.

6. Rest area and beach "Gračac"

The association “Ramska dolina” Gračac has arranged a rest area and a beach on the shores of Jablanica Lake, near the church. On the beach there are children’s swings and a beach volleyball court. As part of the „Summer in Gračac events, a tournament in several sports and disciplines „Ivica Bilić-Ićo Memorial“ is organized every year.

7. Sports recreation center "Veselica"

The sports recreation center „Veselica“ is an ideal retreat for all nature lovers and lovers of lake tourism. Namely, this holiday resort was built on wild landfill site, and Association Glas, along with enthusiasts, through the project „From landfill to the resort“ cleaned all the waste, helped nature recover and built „VESELICA“.

In addition to offering a boat ride through the beautiful Ramsko Lake, these enthusiasts are now producing and selling honey, fish, meat products, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and juices, medicinal herbs and teas, dairy products as well as fruit and vegetable products. So, for tourists, it’s an ideal place because they can taste the best homemade local products, with the sunset on Ramsko Lake.

8. Beach "Podbor"

The beach in Podbor is one of the most popular in this area, during the hot summer days, due to the proximity of the municipal center and the arranged access road. This beach offers a view to the Franciscan monastery on Šćit and the beautiful island of Umac.

9. Rest area "Monop"

Several residents of the village of Ploča on the shores of Ramsko Lake have arranged a space for gatherings and socializing with accompanying facilities. Thus, the promenade was arranged, tables and chairs were set up, and a large fireplace for barbecue.