PROMO: Rowing club „Rama“

Rowing club „Rama“with the main offices at Šćit is the only rowing club in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The club was founded with much effort and commitment in 2012 within the “Lake to Lake-Green Tourism” project (IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The club started with active training at Lake Rama in 2013 and the interest in this sport is in constant rise from then on.

There are currently 35 members, children and juvenile rowers, at the club and they have already achieved some remarkable results both at local and international competitions across Europe. The aim of the club is to promote sport values among children and juveniles, the development, promotion and protection of sports as well as the stimulation to develop top sports in these areas.

Being a full member of the Croatian Rowing Association of Dalmatia since 2017, Rowing club “Rama” competes within it and wins medals on a regular basis. Bit by bit the club has matured and is currently a respectable and well-known club at competitions across Croatia. To support this claim three members of the Rowing club “Rama” have become national champions at Jarun-Zagreb at the National Rowing Junior Championship of Croatia held in 2018. Considering the club’s nearly seven-year existence, it must be admitted that this is an outstanding success both for the club and the whole state.

Lake Rama offers ideal conditions performing different kinds of sports throughout the year. Day after day many people gladly come and spend their time on the lake or around it. Favourable climate, calm lake and tranquil environment favour rowing sports considerably. Already traditionally a rowing regatta named “Lake to Lake” is held each year at Lake Rama hosting young rowers from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the more often seen guests at Lake Rama is Damir Martin, Croatian rower and Olympian to whom Rama and Lake Rama present an obligatory stop for future competitions. The Sinković brothers, multiple rowing world champions, gladly visit the lake and row at it. Likewise, the Junior Australian Rowing Team trained at Lake Rama for the 2015 World Rowing Championship in Bulgaria. The potential for the development of sports and tourism in these areas is already there and it is our responsibility to stimulate and promote it constantly as well as to benefit from it optimal extent.